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yarmello: I'm sorry, I don't know much about Gossip Girl but I'm interested. From what I've learned, Chuck and Blair are together and no one wants it because he's awful and he abused her. So just, why in the world are they still together? I just don't get it. I'm probably missing something, but I'm just curious.

Hahaha that’s actually a great question! And unfortunately I can’t answer it for you. I know lots of people that ship Chuck and Blair together but when I ask them why they ship it their only answer is, “they’re meant to be!”¬†

The rest of the fandom that doesn’t like Chuck and Blair together most definitely don’t want them to be together but for some reason they are. If I could make sense of the writers’ logic, I would.

Hahaha this is a terrible answer but I just don’t have a good one for you! Thanks for your interest though :)

  1. waldorfshumphrey said: They are mean;t to be apart! He told her “She’s not enough” and she is a distraction. LOL! So epic!!
  2. mylungsgaveout said: I just think chuck and blair should be fwb but it mever works when they try. They jave hot sex and that’s hard to give up.
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