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It would help me out so much if you watched my “For Baltimore” cover! 

1 year ago | N: 5

If you guys would take some time and watch my cover of “For Baltimore” that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance :)

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Watch my cover of “For Baltimore,” please? It would be really nice of you!

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Watch me do a cover of “For Baltimore!” I would really love it if you did :)

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Sooooo I covered Remembering Sunday; watch it please?

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I covered Remembering Sunday! So you guys should watch it maybe?

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myself and jack barakat: third time is a charm.
{from left to right: gimme summer ya love tour 2011, the rise and fall of my pants tour 2011, warped tour 2012}  ||first two photos taken by chelsea||

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The full “Jack Barakat agreed to a drinking date with Katie” story.

This might be a bit long? Hahah just a heads up.

So as you all know I have two main life goals: 1.) to have extremely hot sex with Jack Barakat. 2.) to drink beer with Jack Barakat. Or any alcoholic substance really.

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One of my life goals is to shotgun a beer with All Time Low.

Just sayin.